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This Week...

This week Aria and Aliya will be bringing Reach a lesson in our "Road Trip" series! Make sure you're there to learn more about Jesus' "Road Trip" through his life!

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Upcoming Events


Enjoy Your Summer!

For the rest of the Summer, Reach will be meeting each Sunday for either a Lesson or Fellowship time. But please also enjoy the rest of your summer as we gear up for another awesome school year!


Our Mission

Reach Student Ministry is a community of believers

who are intent on changing the world for Jesus Christ

by modeling themselves after the Church practices found in Acts 2:42-46.

We Reach Up

"And day by day, attending the temple together

and breaking bread in their homes..."

We Reach In

"And all who believed were together

and had all things in common.”

We Reach Out

"And they were selling their possessions

and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all,

as any had need."

We Reach for the Word

"And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching

and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” 

We Reach to Encounter God

"And awe came upon every soul,

and many wonders and sign were being done

through the apostles.”

Reach Student Ministry is a Christian Endeavor partner, for more information on this unique organization, please visit their website.

Christian Endeavor exists to inspire, equip & encourage churches to

biblically develop youth as Christ-centered leaders in their youth group, church, and beyond.

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