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Grab a Map

What road are you taking?

From Here to There

You can't always stay where you are.

The Most Important Thing

Romans 8:14-17

May 27, 2018

May 27, 2018

More Than a Bag of Bones

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Children, Youth and Young Adult Sunday

Service presented by the young people in our church.

Our Plan or God's Plan

Jeremiah 29: 4-11

Portraits of Easter

Take a closer look at the people Jesus encountered after his resurrection.


Mark 16: 1-8

Palm Sunday

Mark 11: 1-11

Broken & Beautiful

Your breaks only make you more beautiful.

Life on Mission

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!

The Power of Silence

Mark 1:21-28

Having the Chronos to Notice a Kairos

Mark 1: 14-20

Life Changing Encounter

John 1: 43-51

Baptized and Beloved

Mark 1: 4-11

Unexpected Blessings

Luke 2: 22-40

When Hope Came Down

Advent is the season of preparation and hope.

The Present of Your Presence

It's all about your gifts and giving.

Here. Now.

Based on The Presence Based Church by Terry Teykl

Truth Telling


Stand Up

Daniel 3: 13-17

Humble Transformation

Back Pack Blessing and Faith Factory Teacher Recognition

Love Wins

Genesis 45: 1-15

Sink or Swim

Matthew 14: 22-33

In Jesus' Name

Feeding the 5000

Weeds and Seeds

The Parables

Right Under Our Nose

Matthew 11: 16-19, 25-30

Holy Hospitality

Matthew 10: 40-42

Following Jesus

Matthew 10: 24-39

Father's Day

Genesis 18: 1-15; 21: 1-7

More Than Words

Actions always speak louder than our words.

Youth Sunday

St. Mark's youth lead the service

Easter Sunday

He is risen indeed!

Palm Sunday

Celebrate Jesus' triumphant arrival to Jerusalem.

Fearless Intent

If your life has been touched by Jesus, then you have a life worth sharing. Could it be that sharing our faith is as simple as opening up ou

In a New Light

As the light of Jesus pours into and through our lives, God's Kingdom becomes visible in dark places.

The Power of Paradox

The way of Jesus is often the opposite of what we expect.

A Time for Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3


Find the "Peace" you are looking for this season.

Christ the King Sunday

Celebrate the culmination of the Christian year.

The Rest of the Iceberg

We have heard the stories before, but there is much more below the surface.


God calls us to live as mentors, passing to others the treasure he gave to us.

Mission Impossible

Do you accept the call?

Road Trip

Sometimes the journey is more important.

Return of the Shepherd


Endings and New Beginnings





It's time to define ... and live... what we believe.

The Promise

Prepare the way or the Lord, make straight paths for him. - Mark 1:3

Unsung Heroes

What are the qualities of a hero? What are the qualities of a hero of the faith? Could YOU be a hero of the faith today?

Reach Up. Reach In. Reach Out.




X Never Marks the Spot


Hello My Name Is...


Worship One, Serve One


Courage Under Fire

We will look at various experiences through the Book of Acts and ask what's in Paul's Head Heart and Hands that may apply to our lives today

40 Days with Jesus


Who We Are

This series will teach us to "connect" with people both inside as well as outside of the church.

Relationship Status

Come join us as we look at our relationships using the language of social media and through the lens of 2 Corinthians 5:17-21.

Christmas Eve

This is the Christmas Eve Message from 2014.


This Advent season, how has God adopted you?

Dare to Dream

Come to St. Mark's and Dare to Dream big and discover the plans that God has for His church and for you!

21 Days of Prayer - The Holy Spirit

Spend 21 Days in Prayer discovering how the Holy Spirit can work in your personal life, in your family and church life, and in our community

9 - 9 Lessons from Luke 9

Learn more about following Jesus from this series based on 9 lessons from Luke 9.